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So... not being one that can leave a sore spot alone, when Brent Brown sent me an email Brent his "preferred" blog link so that I could update the link I had created to Stubenville, I naturally couldn't just update my previous blog entry. I needed to take the opportunity to pour lemon juice, salt, and vinegar into the wound until it became a pulp of agonized flesh. It may be because that's the way I am, but it may also be because Brent really needs this kind of opposition in his life. After all, he has a wonderful wife and cute kids, but as far as I can see, nobody that really gives him the harassing that he needs to keep his life in balance. That's where I come in.
I don't know what the big deal is... after all, I liked the Stubenville (not Stupid-ville, that's a whole other wound that needs opening from time to time) thread. However, since he isn't there any more, I suppose that it has a limited shelf life. So, if anyone actualy reads my blog, you should also read his because he has far more time on his hands to talk about cool stuff like the "Using" statement in C# and dot net 2.0.


Brent Brown said…
With friends like this...

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