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Database Projects, SQL Unit Tests, and TeamCity

Continuous Integration is a really good idea, especially when you are working with a team of developers. There are lots of tools out there that can help your team build better quality into your application. TeamCity by JetBrains is one such tool that has been around for awhile; specifically, it is the one that my company uses.

Visual Studio has Database ProjectsSQL Server Data Tools to address some of the inconsistencies that developers face when using a database as a storage layer; Things like version control and consistent deployment. It also includes SQL unit tests, which fills a huge gap if any of your logic is in the database. Many organizations moved away from logic in the database years ago because it was tricky (at best) to verify logic on the data tier, of course, they were also making changes directly to the database itself... but I digress.

If you are using SQL Server Data Tools, and run your unit tests locally, it is a joy to behold. Your database is automatically deployed…