Am I Blue?

Just a quickie post with a picture for those of you who may not know what I look like. Actually, you still won't know what I look like because this was my Halloween 2005 costume. A "Blue Man"

This whole effect was accomplished using simple make-up items from "The Costume Shop" in Garden City, Idaho.
  • I prepped myself with a good shave and a haircut
  • The skin-head wig was prepared using Caster Sealer. This helped it to have a less streaky appearance than it would have had otherwise. This is bascally castor oil, but it makes the latex skin less slippery.
  • I positioned the skin-head over my hair and ears and then glued it in place with stage glue.
  • We applied Cobolt Blue Greasepaint to my entire head and neck.
  • I'm wearing a black turtleneck shirt with black pants, shoes and socks.

The entire process took about an hour.

Total cost: $20


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