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Accessing a ServiceStack RESTful API using jQuery with CORS

The following applies to jQuery version 2.0.3 and ServiceStack version 3.9.59
My latest project is using to create a REST-ful API for an existing data interchange format. There are a few gotchas that are important to understand:
REST API DELETE Methods and jQuery The specification may be a bit vague, but most server frameworks (including ServiceStack) ignore any parameters passed to DELETE methods in the body. Only parameters passed on the URL are sent into the method. This behavior is similar to a HTTP GET. That is okay, but when you call an $.ajax method using jQuery, it doesn't serialize and attach the data to the URL, but instead puts it in the body...where the server promptly ignores it. In order to handle this apparent disconnect, and use the same semantics in $.ajax, you need to move the parameters from the body into the URL. The following ajax prefilter code does the trick: $.ajaxPrefilter(function (options, originalOptions, jqXHR) { if (options.type == &q…