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IBM x335 and Windows 2008 installation

I love the fact that IBM stops supporting its hardware long before Microsoft does; this means that lots of top-tier companies have to decommission their *somewhat* old hardware and you can pick up a server cheap (or free) to play with at home.

It may mean, however, that your installation mileage may vary. Such has been the case for my IBM x335 (of which I have three). I've been on a quest to do an installation of Windows Server 2008 on said boxen. (plural of ox is oxen, plural of box is...)

How fickle a lover are antique hardware and modern operating systems? How doest thou vex me, let me count the ways...

Windows 2008 only comes on DVD while an IBM x335 has only a CD and will not boot from USB.Windows 2008 will not install from any sort of DOS utility disk. So Bart's Network boot disk is out, likewise a network boot to anything based on DOS.The IBM x335 has an internal IDE that is used by its CD Rom. You can crack the case and use an internal DVD drive from some other computer t…